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Encrypted Recursive DNS with DNS over TLS, Unbound, and Cloudflare

The recent announcement of Cloudflare's new privacy-focused recursive DNS service prompted me to revisit the options for encrypted recursive DNS and finally enable DNS over TLS on my workstations.

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Loading the GeoIP Module with nginx 1.10.0 on FreeBSD

After upgrading to nginx 1.10.0 on my FreeBSD machines, I found that nginx would no longer start.

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Disk Encryption with dm-crypt and LUKS on Linux

Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) is a dm-crypt extension and the preferred way to set up disk encryption with dm-crypt on Linux.

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MacBookPro8,2 Kernel Patches for Linux 3.1.1

I have compiled a set of patches for the Linux kernel that improves support for the 15-inch MacBookPro8,2.

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Using UTF-8 (Unicode) on FreeBSD

UTF-8 is a Unicode character encoding that is backwards compatible with US-ASCII. FreeBSD is not configured to use UTF-8 by default but it is easy to enable.

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Upgrading PostgreSQL on FreeBSD

The default version of PostgreSQL on FreeBSD has been changed from 8.2 to 8.4. Upgrading PostgreSQL requires dumping and restoring the database.

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